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The sound of minimalism

What I’m Doing Now

I’m recording an acoustic album for vocals and the classical guitar. What’s unique about this album is the approach I’m taking with it. Excited by the idea of applying classical guitar techniques to songwriting, I’m deliberately stripping the album off everything but the essential. In my case that’s telling lyrical stories with only vocals and the classical guitar. I’m working to showcase the character of the instrument and explore minimalism in composition and production. I’m hoping that by showcasing the instrument as a songwriter’s companion, more people will get to know and fall in love with the classical guitar in new ways!

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” — Henry David Thoreau

I love simplicity. As a songwriter I enjoy working with words, voice and the classical fingerstyle guitar. My motivation is minimalism. Like a painter captures the essence of a landscape in a black and white sketch, I paint the essence of a song with just voice and guitar.

The classical guitar is a warm and expressive instrument. The nylon strings give it a harp-like quality. When played fingerstyle, using the classical techniques, the guitar offers a rich musical tapestry. I’m intrigued by the guitar, exploring its potential as a songwriter’s companion.

About me

Latvia native. New Zealand national. I grew up in Denmark. For years I’ve lived in the USA and Canada. Now I divide my time between New Zealand and Denmark. I often live on a boat afloat somewhere in Scandinavia or New Zealand.

A songwriter. A classical guitarist. My mission is to explore the classical guitar techniques and apply them to modern songwriting.

I’ve been a musician as long as I can remember, experimenting with various musical styles, including new age and electronica. My life evolves around music. As a musician I’m always growing, challenging myself and exploring fresh ideas. Not too long ago I became enchanted with the classical guitar and ever since I’ve had a vision to record an album that spotlights the beauty and mystery of this gorgeous instrument.


The Classical Guitar

‘Classical Guitar’ is an instrument (nylon strings, body type) a style of playing the instrument (special fingerstyle techniques) and a repertoire (a collection of music by classical guitar composers). The instrument and the techniques are fun to explore for modern songwriting.

The classical guitar is used in Bossa Nova, Latin and some Flamenco music. (Flamenco players use a slightly modified classical guitar). It can also be heard in pop music, particularly in ballads and slower romantic songs. However, it’s the steel string guitar that enjoys the spotlight among acoustic songwriters. I’m on a mission to explore the potential of the classical guitar for songwriting, and demonstrate that the songwriter has much to gain by enriching his or her repertoire with the classical fingerstyle techniques.

Liveaboard Music….

Being around boats makes me happiest. Living aboard a sailboat is a lifestyle choice and an experience. Living so close to nature you never miss a sunrise or a sunset. You are affected by the passing storms and you feel reborn in the following calm. Time ceases to fly and instead gently flows from one day to the text. Living on a boat means that you have fewer possession and you cherish people, and the things and experiences in your life, that much more.

I’m a 50% liveaboard! I’ve been working towards this dream for the past decade. Recently I met my soulmate and together we are building a life that will enable us to liveaboard and cruise full-time. The biggest challenge is bringing my recording setup onboard and recording music while on the boat. I am putting together a little documentary about what it’s like to be a full-time musician and live and work while afloat.

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