Acoustic Singer-Songwriter & Fingerstyle Guitarist

Inspired by minimalism & nature.
Lyric-driven ballads set to voice and finegrstyle guitar.



About my music

Hi, I’m Inga Hope, acoustic singer-songwriter living in Denmark. I love blending my classical guitar influences into modern fingerstyle guitar arrangements for my lyric-driven ballads. I write my songs solo on the guitar but usually produce and release the work in collaboration with other artists and producers.

I’m a minimalist and love the natural lifestyle. My music is inspired by nature and simplicity. My music is also heavily influenced by classic French songs known as “chanson”, French music in general, and lyric-driven ballads in all languages and styles.


GENRE: Acoustic singer-songwriter | classically trained fingerstyle guitarist |


What I’m doing now…

I’m collaborating with my mentor and classically trained master guitarist, Dmitry Koltakov, from Moscow. We’re working on a set of my songs to be performed and recorded live. We’re using only my voice and two classical guitars. It’s a very soothing, intimate, organic and heartfelt sound. I can’t wait to share more with you! Below you can hear and view the latest from our collaboration. We are warming up with a couple covers, but most of the material is original.




My background and inspiration

An introvert and minimalist, I thrive in seclusion. I live surrounded by nature in the Danish countryside amid forest, fields and wilderness.

I’m a finger-style guitarist and songwriter. For me songwriting is like another sense, an extension of my being. There’s sight, sound, and then there’s songwriting — a way to delve into the innermost corners of my heart and mind. It’s a delicate and vulnerable form of expression where the bare essence is revealed for strangers and friends alike. Songwriting is something that happens in my everyday, much like breathing or moving, but sharing the work is a deliberate and mindful effort — a battle with perfectionism, production, and time (of which there is never enough)!

Through my work I wish to create and gift poetry. Poetry is that fleeting magic that makes us feel a part of a greater whole. All my efforts as an artist are in pursuit of that mystical quality that purifies the soul and somehow makes us feel like we’re touching the eternal. Most often I find my truth, beauty, and poetry in nature and music. It’s where I am centred and humbled and where the world becomes a majestic place in those quiet moments of sunrise or low floating fog. When the outer scenery coincides with the inner landscape, I feel in dialogue with what some refer to as God. Capturing these precious moments into music and art is what I live for. Songwriting is my way of contemplating and worshipping the energy that sets life into motion and animates all.


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