Acoustic Singer-Songwriter & Fingerstyle Guitarist

From New Zealand, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lyric-driven ballads set to voice and finegrstyle guitar, inspired by minimalism & nature.

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My name is Inga Hope. I am a New Zealand national, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I love blending my classical guitar influences into modern fingerstyle guitar arrangements for my lyric-driven ballads. I write my songs solo on the guitar but usually produce and release the work in collaboration with other artists and producers.

I’m collaborating with my mentor and classically trained master guitarist, Dmitry Koltakov, from Moscow. We’re working on a set of my songs to be performed and recorded live. We’re using only my voice and two classical guitars. It’s a very soothing, intimate, organic and heartfelt sound. I can’t wait to share more with you!

My music is inspired by minimalism and nature, therefore I choose to produce my music with mostly natural live instruments and an authentic live-performance feel.

I believe that music, like art, is about beauty but also about the imperfections that are only possible where the human touch is involved. The world is moving towards automation and digitalisation, therefore I believe that the human touch and imperfections, known in Japan as the aesthetic concept of Wabi-Sabi, (a form of beauty) is important to preserve in music and art.

The craft of performing a musical instrument is an extraordinary gift (to humanity) that is rapidly vanishing. It takes a lifetime to master a musical instrument, and it takes courage and sacrifice to stay devoted in an atmosphere of shifted musical tastes and values. I have chosen the natural path both in my lifestyle and in my music, and I hope that through my songs and collaborations you will feel my courage and frailty as my team and I craft and nurture a simple natural sound.

Because of my strong belief in the importance of classical music influence and education, I have founded an online music school for kids where my teachers and I place emphasis on patience, craftsmanship, and character building through the discipline of classic music study.

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New Age / Electronic album released in 2007.