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Acoustic Singer-Songwriter & Fingerstyle Guitarist

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lyric-driven ballads set to voice and finegrstyle guitar, inspired by minimalism & nature.

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My name is Inga Hope. I grew up in Denmark, but most of my life I lived in USA, Canada and New Zealand. Now I am back living in Denmark.

I love blending my classical guitar influences into modern fingerstyle guitar arrangements for my lyric-driven ballads. I write my songs solo on the guitar.

I’m collaborating with my mentor and classically trained master guitarist, Dmitry Koltakov. We’re working on a set of my songs to be performed and recorded live. We’re using only my voice and two classical guitars. It’s a soothing, intimate and heartfelt sound. These ballads are meant to be versatile. They can be performed solo, as a duet or with a band.

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New Age / Electronic album released in 2007.