The Music

Lyric-driven ballads set to voice and fingerstyle guitar.

My name is Inga Hope. I grew up in Denmark, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Today, both Denmark and New Zealand are home.

I love blending my classical guitar influences into modern fingerstyle arrangements for my lyric-driven ballads. I write my songs solo on the guitar and usually record the compositions in collaboration with friends.

I work in acoustic, acoustic-pop, new age, and electronic genres, but like most musicians I’d rather not limit myself to a “genre”! If I had to pick, I’d say that my music is based on lyrical ballads. The lyrics take center-stage while the instrumentation and interpretation support the story and the narration.

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The Journey

I believe in the symbolism of a journey. That there is greatness within each person. If we but take the first steps, the path unfolds…

My music is a reflection of my spirituality, values and beliefs. My music is also my most sacred inner journey. It is my spiritual diary, the keys to which I share with my Patrons.

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