Coming into Alignment

Finding Balance for Creative People

Creative people are intuitively in touch with a part of themselves that is both mystical and enigmatic. It is for this reason that they are creatives! Rational people sometimes find it hard to understand those emotional, impulsive and unpredictable creative types. Sometimes creative souls are a mystery even to themselves! Creative people follow their heart because they are in touch with their intuition. Creativity is born in the seat of intuition and imagination. When we turn away from the rational and logical, art is born. Being creative is a process of going inward.

For this reason, creative people have a hard time staying in balance ‘in the real world’. Many creatives I know yo-yo from darkness into light, from creativity into rationality, from being productive into a soul-abyss. These extremes can seem frightening and confusing, especially to the people close to us. For many years I too have struggled to balance my creative tides and my day-to-day life.

2020 is a fantastic year for me because it is the year that I finally feel aligned with my energy and purpose. There is an inner strength and an ‘energetic spine’ that provides a point of reference. Whenever I feel myself sinking into one extreme or the other, I can center myself in the core of my being and ride the wave like an experienced surfer, without being thrown off balance.

This balance has not come out of nowhere. It is a result of years of inner work and self-examination. It comes from self-knowledge and acceptance. When I become aware of my thoughts as they emerge in my mind on a day-to-day basis, I can better get to know myself. This awareness is also a slow ‘awakening’ process that comes about from doing regular meditation.

I learned that if I can be aware and awake within my own mind and body, then there is no limit to how much inner strength I can summon and project towards causes that are important to me. So I began to harness inner awareness and with it came strength and balance.

Strength and balance doesn’t mean that life becomes smooth sailing. I still experience inner storms and moments of fear, weakness and doubt. I still get frightened, irritated, confused, sad, and experience a range of emotions. The difference is my attitude. Before, an emotion could overwhelm me and tip me off balance for days, and even weeks. But now I can acknowledge a negative emotion, just as easily as a positive emotion, and simply ride it out.

I don’t try to avoid negative emotions such as confusion or sadness. I don’t try to run away from fear either. The surprising truth is that the less I try to avoid negative inner experiences and the more I accept the good as well as the bad, the less bad stuff happens!

Bad, painful and negative thoughts and emotions cannot survive in a conscious environment. The moment I am aware and awake within my own mind and body is the moment that negativity begins to melt away. I still experience whatever emotion is melting away, but surprisingly, I find peace and harmony in this inner cleansing and ‘letting go’ process.

I used to think that letting go of negativity, fear, etc. — was an act. In other words something you had to do using your energy and will power. But through my own experiences I’ve discovered the total opposite. Letting go is not a verb. It is an adjective, a state of being aware. The moment you can acknowledge what is transpiring in you mind and body is the moment that your inner radiance shines forth and melts away negativity as naturally and easily as sun rays disperse darkness.

So the real effort is not to “let go” but to BECOME AWARE of the thoughts and emotions that are operating within you. The more you practice this meditation, and it can be done anywhere anytime (you don’t have to sit in a lotus pose!), the faster you’ll come into your own inner balance and alignment.

When it happens you will know it. You will feel it. Good things will start to happen everywhere you go. The projects you’ve always wanted to do will start to happen as if by magic. The right people will find their way into your life, and will help you with your life mission and journey – as you will help them. The wrong people will fall away as easily as dry leaves fall away from the branches preparing for a new spring.

The journey starts with awareness, and it’s as simple (but not easy) as silencing the mind and observing what transpires within. With no judgement of self, just watching and experiencing your inner comings and going as if a stranger watching a bizarre play unfold in someone else’s theatre. This total detachment is peaceful and even blissful, it is what brings me into alignment whenever I feel like I’m losing balance.