The Beginning… My First Patron!

The Beginning of a Journey

I I have thought a lot about how I’d like to release my music. Making music is like a full-time job. An artist needs to make time for it.

In the past I’ve released about 1 to 4 songs per year, but now I’d like to release at least a song per month, maybe more…

In order to be able to do that, I need to look at music not just as my hobby but also as a job and as a business, and to allocate more time to it than I had in the past.

I’ve considered different music business models, but the one that appeals to me the most is PATREON. You might have heard of it? If not, I’ll be talking about it more in my upcoming videos, especially about why I chose Patreon as my “music partner”.

You’ll also hear about my plans for releasing and sharing more music. But for now, I want to share with you a very special moment… the beginning of a journey!

My First Patron

I’d like to welcome my first patron! And it’s not my mom, or uncle, or even anyone I knew before. It is Larry Cham. Thank you, Larry. You will always be my #1 Patron!

A New Community

It’s easy to follow and support an artist with thousands of followers. It’s easy to be a follower in an established community. That’s why as my first patron joined me on this journey, I had an epiphany! My first patron is not a follower of my work, rather a co-creator!

An Artist is Defined by Their Supporters

Every artist starts out raw, unpolished, unrefined.

An artist is polished, faceted, defined and in many ways shaped by their earliest supporters. Thank you, Larry, for choosing to be a co-creator of my brand new community on Patreon. Thank you for choosing to help me grow and refine my sound and my vision as an artist. Most importantly, thank you for choosing to share this journey with me. For believing in me and for being the first one to invest in my work.

A Special Moment

I got inspired to write this post because I never want to forget the feeling of ‘meeting’ my first patron. The gratitude I felt caught me completely off guard!

I will always remember this special and unrepeatable moment, the very beginning of a journey… The moment when I got my first patron.

If you’d like to be among my first patrons, and share this special feeling with me, join here!

Thank you, Larry Cham, for becoming my first patron and for inspiring this post, as well as the metaphor and symbolism of my signature photo “The Journey”. With my first patron onboard, the vision I have for my work gained strength and clarity.

I truly mean it when I say that my patrons are much more than my supporters, you are co-creators of this journey, our journey.

In Light & Love,