Dmitry Koltakov


The name, Dmitry Koltakov, is known in Moscow and throughout Russia among fans of acoustic guitar music of all genres. Classically trained, with numerous accolades and awards to his name, Koltakov is known not only as a virtuoso classical guitarist, appearing in concerts in the Russian Federation and Europe, but also as an outstanding arranger and composer of contemporary and original music.

Most of his youth Koltakov spent studying under the rigorous scrutiny of his pedagogues and private master teachers. Dmitry’s brilliant and engaging performances are a testimony to a life devoted to polishing his craft. Dmitry’s mastery of the guitar can be heard in his exquisite performances and arrangements of classical, contemporary and original music. Today Dmitry is focused on composing, performing in Moscow, and touring Europe during the summer. When he’s not performing he is a sought-after master teacher in his own right.

Guitar & Voice Album with Inga Hope

Collaboration on an album of original songs with a Scandinavian / New Zealand singer-songwriter and finger-style guitarist, Inga Hope. Dmitry’s role in the project is co-producer and supporting guitarist. The album is arranged with the aim to be easily performed live across various venues, requiring only a vocal mic and amplification for two guitars.