The Journey

The Mystery of TIME

The image above is symbolic. It is called “The Journey” and it represents my fascination with the wheel of time. It symbolises a journey. Not just mine, but every journey through life.

On this composite image there is the present me, connected to the future me.

According to theoretical physics, the past (me), the present (me), and the future (me) exist simultaneously.

It’s impossible to wrap our head around the concept of time and how the past, the present and the future can exist simultaneously. But according to a famous astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, that is the case.

Destiny Vs Free Will

The paradox of time, that the past, present and future exist simultaneously, makes one wonder whether it is destiny or free will that determines the outcome of one’s life.

My composite image, titled “The Journey”, symbolises that everything you need to achieve your full potential is already within you. And that life is the journey, the process, of developing your destiny like a photograph is developed from a negative. (“Potential” is the blueprint for one’s “destiny”, while the process of development and self-realisation is an act of Free Will).

Spirituality (Do I believe in god?)

Dear friend…

I’d love to share a side of me with you that I don’t normally share in public. My spiritual side. I believe that my musical and spiritual journeys are entwined.

By exploring the spiritual and mystic aspects of my work, you’ll gain insight and clues into my music (and into my soul) that I don’t even share with my family and friends. I believe that kindred minds attract one other. That’s why I share with my Patrons, my closest circle of supporters, the deeper sides of me that I don’t, and will not, share in public.

I’ve always been a deeply spiritual and private person. My spirituality is a cross between science (theoretic and astrophysics) and the ancient and esoteric symbolism. In other words: I am spiritual, but not religious. I believe in god, but my god is the same god that Albert Einstein described in his essays. My temple is nature and a quieted mind.

The Journey

Each journey, each life, has a purpose. When you align yourself with your purpose there are forces that propel you forward as well as opposing forces that hold you back. Akin to thrust, inertia and gravity, I believe there are metaphysical equivalents. Have you ever been so excited about something that anything seemed possible? But then you started working toward your goal or dream and suddenly encountered a lot of resistance…? The greater one’s dream, the greater the resistance.

My dream is not about my music or creativity. My music is the manifestation of my spiritual journey through life. My songs are my spiritual diary and a sanctuary where I retreat to connect with something greater than myself. My innermost dream is to realise my full potential as a human being.

My journey is like anyone’s journey. I don’t believe that it is much different from yours. We might do different things, work at different jobs, be shaped by different circumstances, have different goals… etc., but fundamentally we are voyagers through space and time. We experience similar things on the inside and on the outside. We are affected by the same physical and universal principles. We have goals and dreams. And, when it comes to achieving our optimal potential, we all battle against the natural force of resistance.

That’s why I hope that as you join me on Patreon, we’ll get to explore many parallels and discuss some of life’s mysteries. Topics and questions such as “The Wheel of TIME”, “Destiny vs. Free Will”, “Why there is resistance” and many more… We are all beautifully interconnected and I hope that as you join me on my journey we’ll get to share and explore much more than music!

The Access

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month, you can join my Patreon community of like minded kindred spirits. It is a safe sanctuary in a hectic turbulent world.

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