I love going for a walk with my camera. I lose track of time and explore the world from a different perspective. The camera sees what the everyday naked eye misses. With the camera I get up close with nature. I linger to examine the tree trunks and the swaying leaves, I silence my steps and hold my breath to take in the colors of autumn, I kneel to listen to the running stream…

Autumn Walk with Julio Sagreras is a reminder that we don’t need a camera to indulge in nature’s little wonders. It’s a matter of getting up close and appreciating the little things that we overlook in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes this is easier said than done. May this Autumn Walk with Julio Sagreras remind us to get up close, stop, hold our breath and appreciate life from a “close up” perspective from time to time. Indulge in the detail of the moment.

About the composer:

Julio Salvador Sagreras (1879-1942) was an Argentine guitarist, composer, and pedagogue. Both of his parents were guitarists and by age 6, young Sagreras was already giving public performances! He gave many concerts, and became established as a frequent and renowned performer. In 1905, at the age of 26, Sagreras opened his own guitar school in Buenos Aires. Sagreras is still recognised today for his guitar method which consists of several progressive books. To this day students of the guitar enjoy practicing and learning the instrument with Sagreras’ lessons and exercises which are generously sprinkled throughout modern classical guitar method books.

About Lesson 65:

Lesson 65 is a pleasant piece that serves to develop the right hand arpeggio technique, while keeping the left hand chords easy, so that the student can focus on bringing out the arpeggios. While designed to advance the student technically, the piece sounds inviting to the listener and stands on its own as a short and simple classical prelude. I often play this piece as a warm up for the right hand.