My Content Strategy in 2020

Find out what I am doing this year for content, music and creativity

My Thoughts on Social Media

In our society there has been a lot of focus on social media especially in the past decade. I’ve too been influenced and sucked into the trend. That’s all it is though, a trend.

A trend is a change in collective behaviour. It can be temporary or lead towards permanent change. In the case of social media it is an evolving social development. In 2001 musicians poured themselves into HTML programming to personalise their MySpace profiles. But where is MySpace now? No one even hears of MySpace profile templates anymore!

Today, we are focused on filters and video stories. Photo and video editing skills are in trend. But what will we focus on next? AI? Augmented reality? Or will the future be much simpler and reverted back to basics? I’m hoping for BALANCE. For sensible progress.

This leads me to the thought of social media. Is progress altering human behaviour to the point that it becomes unrecognisable and even destructive? I’ve been unknowingly letting social media influence how I think about creativity, and it’s been limiting and stressful!

For example, instead of creating a photo series to illustrate a deeper thought or concept for my songs, I’ve been thinking about Instagram themes! There’s no sense in that other than a platform (a collective) driving my behaviour!

I’m not against social media, I think it has good uses and can connect people in ways not possible before. But I have noticed that it’s been driving my behaviour and ‘pushing my buttons’ more than I find acceptable.

Back in the Driver’s Seat

In 2020 I want to think outside of social media. Just 10-20 years ago musicians were heavily influenced by their record label. Relying on traditional marketing and PR. Today, our creative juices flow in tandem with whatever social platforms are popular!

It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why new business models like Patreon make a lot of sense and enable musicians, artists and other creators to share their work on their own terms. This is revolutionary because it was not possible before!

I think a lot about social media and how it affects society and creativity. I don’t think it’s evil, I just don’t think it needs to set the framework for my creativity. That’s why in 2020 I am thinking through my content strategy from the button up. It starts with the core message that I want to share through my music, writing and visuals.

I can’t control how Facebook, Instagram or YouTube calibrate their algorithms. But I can choose to create a community around my content that is independent of any one social platform. I can focus and share what matters to me, and what I hope will matter most to YOU as well.

My Content Strategy for 2020

I’ve put much thought into my content strategy, and much of it is still being developed. However, I thought I’d share at least where I’m coming from and where I’d like to go in the coming years.

In 2020 I focus on creating content that I most love to create and share! For me that is:

  1. Writing, including song lyrics, blog posts, and ebooks. Things that inspire discussion and allow to reflect on the deeper layers of life
  2. Music and songwriting, it is another way to share concepts, values and thoughts. Music speaks to the heart
  3. Visuals, things like photography and video to enhance meaning and bring visual coherency to the themes or concepts I share

A NEW WAVE OF CREATIVITY: Why I Think It’s Important to SHARE Creativity

Through writing, music and visuals we have an opportunity to connect in deep meaningful ways and soothe and comfort one other. Creativity is like a beacon of light in a stormy sea. It has the power to guide a lost traveler to a place of safety and refuge. This is why I value the ability to be creative and share my thoughts and experiences with others. The more I share, the more happy and connected I feel to other hearts and minds.

In the past we’ve been conditioned to think that creativity is something exclusive to be manufactured and sold. But it is not. The days of big record labels, giant film studios and publishing houses are on the decline. I’ve always seen my songwriting process as just another faculty of my being. I don’t have a drive for fame, and this has confused me in the past to neglect sharing my music. My music moves and lives within me and it’s meant to be shared! I can move my legs and arms, and I can write songs! It comes just as naturally and I use the process as a form of a spiritual diary. Part of my mission is to change the way people perceive and share creativity.

Creativity Is Part of Personal Development

In today’s world anyone can be creative and connect with others. Creativity unifies the human experience. Channeling creativity is unique to humans. Creative things we do can help us find a path of beauty, harmony and truth. Any meaningful art is a reflection of something greater from beyond the human capacity. That’s why in times of antiquity it was said that the gods and the muses inspire all the arts!

I feel that social media is in a way banishing the muses! The platforms are there for us to connect, but a force other than goodness is dictating how creators produce and release their work. A commercial force exploits human weaknesses. The very things that we are meant to nurture and protect in each other, are subject to algorithms and alter our perception of ourselves and others. Somehow this bombardment of stimuli creates a chaos. A superficial environment that doesn’t allow us to connect or explore each other and ourselves as deeply as we might like.

My Own Journey

I’d like to invite you on a journey that unfolds right here on my website. There are no algorithms, no advertising partners, and no one to influence what I share and how I share it.

I have decided to make the website, Patreon, a ‘partner’ in my music release strategy. Patreon is an independent platform that has no algorithms and no advertising. It is just a tool for creators to use and to connect with their community. You will always have free access to my work here on my website, but if you’d like even more content, here’s what you’ll get by joining me on Patreon:

What You’ll Get In My Patreon Community

Access to full length songs and music videos
Each song I release is a miniature story that helps me process an experience or emotion. By writing the songs I gain new insight by overcoming challenges and doubts. Each song I create is about seeing light even amidst the darkness. Each song I release has a useful theme or concept.

Relate through photos and visuals
You’ll gain access to photos that illustrate the theme or concept visually and this helps penetrate the deeper layers of the song.

Relate through analysis and discussion
I reveal my inner thoughts and emotions that inspired me to write my music. Each song’s theme is open for discussion that you can participate in.  I try to share how my experience applies to the bigger picture of life in general, and try to make it relevant for your personal inner journey.

The benefit of joining my private community on Patreon is that you’ll get access to much more than just an MP3 file or a video!

In 2020 I want to create a cozy social corner for introverts and other deep thinkers. A place where we can nurture connections with each other and share a beautiful and rich inner journey together.

I am a deeply private person and I don’t feel comfortable opening up just to everyone. I believe that kindred spirits are drawn to one another and I want to create a portal where like-hearted minds can share their deeper thoughts and reflect on the meaning of life.

How Will I Use Social Media?

Despite my contempt for what drives social media, I’ve come to embrace it for what it is. It’s a crowded noisy place but there are also people there, who like me, long for deeper meaning and enriching connections.

I will share previews of my latest work on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But if you’d like to get to know my work and explore the deeper layers, this website and Patreon is where you’ll find it! So check back soon, and I’ll be sure to have something interesting for you to explore!