This is the very first episode of my brand new singer-songwriter vlog. I plan to release a new episode every month.

My music and lyrics are inspired by nature and the change of seasons. Every episode will capture the beauty of each of the 12 months.  

The goal of this vlog is to take you behind the scenes into my world. It is a world of a lyricist, fingerstyle guitarist and a voice and guitar songwriter. If you are also a free spirit and a nature lover, then we have a lot in common!

April’s episode marks the debut of this adventure. In this episode the ground is still covered with frost and the mornings are refreshingly chilly. The sun is getting brighter and its morning rays are finally energising and life-giving. Nature is waking up and starting its journey of growth and life.

This first vlog episode is symbolic because I feel my musical and creative forces are waking up with the April sun as I face the exciting journey ahead and a list of new original songs to record and share with you!

But first, I am working on recording Boats and Birds, a delicate cover by Meredith Godreau of Gregory and the Hawk. Meredith has been one of my biggest inspirations and Boats and Birds is a song beloved by many guitar and voice enthusiasts.

It is also a perfect song for all beginner guitar students because it has very simple chords, yet a delightful harmony and melody. It’s the ideal first song to learn on the guitar.

I can’t wait to see you again in the May episode. In the meantime, subscribe to my email list and YouTube channel to follow this vlog/blog and my music journey.