As a solo artist I decided one day that I want to release a music video for each song I make. Unfortunately this is unrealistic for most independent artists because good video production is expensive. So I decided to learn as much as I can about photography and video so that I can produce my own visuals.

I started by getting a camera and learning about photography and photo editing. It was hard at first. Then I started making my own videos. It is hard to get the results that I envision! There is a steep learning curve.

My imagination and visual creativity is a thousand miles ahead of my skills and ability to film and edit. So what I get isn’t always what I envision, but with every video I feel that I’m getting better.

I still lack a lot of production skills and knwledge. I spend a few hours every week learning and implementing new video skills. I’m hopeful for my future as a cinematographer!

Working with visuals is time-consuming but it is also interesting and exciting. If I wasn’t a musician I would be making cinematic documentaries just for fun!

This vlog is a part of my artistic visual expression. I started the vlog because I want to share more of my music, but also because I want to learn to tell stories through film.

I decided to learn the art of making videos because it allows me to tell better and richer stories with my songs.

Videos allow me to share more of my inner world as well as the songwriting process. I try to share not only the songs, but also the environment (the mood and inspiration) in which the songs are born and created.

I don’t write songs in a vacuum. My mind is my favourite cinema experience! In my imagination I see beautiful nature-inspired visuals. When I write songs, my imagination is vivid and rich.

I took on the challenge to learn film and photography so that I can share more of my creative inner world with you.

I hope this post has given you insight into my video work.

As you see me post new videos, you now know the details behind it:

  • Every song I make gets its own music video
  • The videos are filmed and produced by me
  • With every video I try to learn a new filming or editing skill
  • My vlog is an opportunity to share my songwriting journey and to learn to make mini cinematic documentaries and also share parts of my life and creative world
  • I just started this journey. You can join and follow my work on YouTube or here on my site by joining my email list.


    Featured Track

    The original classical guitar track featured in this video is called “Waltz for Rose” by Andreas Ober. Learn more about Andreas and his acoustic guitar work on YouTube and on his website.

    Original Score

    The music that you hear in this video is composed by Nelson Ortiz.